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Kids become critical thinkers when they learn how to build their dream games and apps. Through online and in person classes, we mentor your kids to become creators and masters of code.

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Coding Classes for Year 3-12

Kids become more than players when they explore the tech behind a game. In our classes, their favourite games become their biggest learning tool.

Watch your child level up in their tech skills through progressive lessons

The best way for kids to learn is by fostering their interests and making sure they are having fun. It isn’t about learning to code, it’s about turning that idea they had last summer, into something real. We do this in a fun and collaborative environment with their friends and other kids on the same mission.
Complete a new project every term or holiday
Get burning questions answered in small classes
Collaborate with friends to share the fun
See real progress after each course level

Online Tech Classes

Just like being in the classroom, but from the convenience of the living room. Live instruction, peer collaboration, and guaranteed small classes with max 6 students per instructor.

“This Has Made My Week, Hands Down”

Our courses grow with your kids.
That’s why over 80% of our students go through more than 5 courses with us!

Don’t take our word for it, join kids and parents who love our after-school and holiday classes right now.
Student | Age 10
I liked that the teacher gave me a lot of help and I had a lot of fun.
Student | Age 10
I like that we got to make a game and meet new people.
Stephen loved it - never seen him so interested! Thanks
School Principal
Code Create is filling the gap in the school for those students interested in coding that the curriculum does not cover. Their fresh student centered  approach has engaged our students with practical, problem solving skills.
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