We'll teach your child to code their dream projects in 10 weeks!

Live online coding classes with awesome instructors for kids

Learn the most in-demand skills of the 21st century

50% of jobs will disappear by the time your child graduates high school.
We'll teach your child how to CREATE their dream games, websites and virtual reality world by learning how to code!

After School & Weekend Classes

We run weekly classes through live video conferences with one instructor and up to 8 students. The instructor will take your child through well designed lessons while giving them time to collaborate together.

No Driving,
Learn Anywhere

All of our classes are run online, so there's no need to rush your child to and from class. They can attend from the comfort of your own home, buying you an hour or more of peace & freedom!

Turn Screen Time into Learning Time

Instead of your child just spending hours on useless youtube videos and games, let's turn that into coding time. Coding could become your child's new favourite hobby and one day lead to an amazing career building apps, robots or the next Facebook!

Join 1000s of kids to CREATE really cool stuff with instructors from:

Fun courses teaching in-demand tech skills

The best way to learn to code is to create projects your child is passionate about and giving them the opportunity to share with friends and family.

Gamemakers with Scratch

(age: 6-10)Perfect place to start for first time coders from age: 6 - 10. Your child will create games and animations using visual drag & drop code blocks that snap together like Lego.

Star Web Developer

(age: 8+) If your child loves to create & design, this is perfect for them. We'll teach them how to make their personal website with all their favourite games, YouTube videos & more!

Python Power

(age: 12+) Looking for more of a challenge for your child? Learn python, an all purpose coding language to build real world mini games

Virtual Reality Wizard

(age: 10+) Has your child coded before and is looking to dabble in the world of virtual reality? Grab a smart phone, a VR cardboard box and come invent your own world

Game Master with Unity

(coming soon!) If your child is in love with coding and games, it doesn't get any better than this. Create and design professional games using amazing physics engines

AI & Chatbot Charlie

(coming soon!) Is your child fascinated by technology and what the future looks like? Come and build your own personalised chatbot and other mini AI projects

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