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We're transforming your teachers and students into digital innovators.

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Welcome to the Creative Classroom

Where teachers and students become digital innovators.

Creativity 2.0

At CodeCreate, we want your students to build creative confidence. We do this by equipping students them with the skills they need to code, and then letting them build the projects they dream of.

Empowering the Teachers

Through our unique program, we'll transform your teachers into digital innovators. In our one day professional development workshop, your teachers will learn the basic knowledge they'll need to drive their coding class for the term.

Industry Mentor

CodeCreate will provide a professional tech mentor with industry experience at every lesson to support the teacher as they drive the class.

Our Work

We've taught hundreds of kids to build games, design websites & develop apps using code. Check out what they built!

How it works

A step by step walkthrough our Creative Classroom program.

1. The Teacher Workshop

We want teachers to drive their STEM class. So, to get them up to speed with content, teachers will be given the opportunity to attend CodeCreate's one day intensive professional development workshop. This will equip them with basic knowledge they'll need to run their class for the term.

2. Industry Mentors

To ensure your teacher doesn't get caught up with technical difficulties in the classroom, CodeCreate provides a tech mentor sourced from industry leaders in every lesson.

3. Enter the Creative Classroom

Students learn basic programming skills and spend classtime building their personal projects over our term-long program. Whether it be a game, website or app, students are given the opportunity to innovate and create whatever they can dream up!

4. Demo Day

Students will be given the opportunity to showcase their projects at CodeCreate's Demo Day, where teachers, parents and industry leaders will come together and celebrate student innovation!

Happy Students

CodeCreate is filling the gap in the school for those students interested in coding that the curriculum does not cover.
Their fresh student centered approach has engaged our students with practical, problem solving skills.

- Dave Pitcairn (Head of Reddam House High School)

My favourite part of the class is that we can make what we want!

- Jess Student

I love the class because we get to choose what we want to learn.

- Abraham Student

The lessons are just really fun overall.

- Thia Student

What I love most is that I can create something that I am in control of and can modify to my will. Also, I liked playing around with code and making different things.

- Marc Student

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